Thursday, March 5, 2015

karreuche Tran breaks up with Chris Brown on twitter over baby news.

She has been the long suffering girlfriend of Chris Brown, but after four rocky years Karrueche Tran says enough is enough.

The 26-year-old has tweeted that she can "only take so much" and seems to have broken up with the singer via social media.

It follows claims he fathered a child with another woman.

According to US website TMZ, Chris Brown became a dad nine months ago with his friend and former model Nia.

The site claims the pair have known each other "for several years" and that Chris is "happy" to be a dad.

TMZ also says Chris and Nia are not together, but are on "very good terms".

It's been a turbulent four years for Chris and Karrueche, with the pair splitting up on several occasions before getting back together.

But Karrueche has tweeted that this time she has had enough of the drama.

I predict girlfriend will forgive him and take him back after he buys her a new set of diamonds but what do I know, shrugs. I guess his song should be re titled "this dudes ain't loyal". But she knew that tho.

New documentary aired by AIT shreds Tinubu,s Character over Education claims and corruption.

In one of the most explosive documentaries that have been Aired on Nigerian TV in recent times,titled the Lion of Bourdillion the hour long documentary which  aired on March 1,2015 at 11 P. M showcased various properties and companies across Lagos purportedly owned by Mr Tinubu, described as "Nigeria,s biggest Landlord" .

Watch part 1 and part 2 below.

My thoughts?? Talk about explosive, many people have been screaming blue murder calling out AIT as being biased and sponsored by the ruling party, for me I refuse to believe a licensed TV station would air a bunch of lies,the implication is just too disastrous for them.

so do you believe this narrative on Asiwaju or is this another propaganda?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kanye West Oxford Speech: “If I Can Remove My Ego, There’s Hope For Everyone”

Kanye West gave a typically wide-ranging and wild speech at
Oxford University on Monday, talking about everything from The
Matrix and the Bible to greed and emptiness to President Obama
and daughter North.
According to the Oxford Tab , which transcribed the full talk, West
started off by warning that the 20 minutes he was allotted may
not be enough, and ordered everyone in the room to be
“completely quiet,” saying, “I can literally hear a whisper, and it’ll
throw off my stream of consciousness, and when I get my
stream of consciousness going that’s when I give the best, illest

So, what were West’s best, illest quotes? Well, West started off by
revealing he once wanted to be a painter that could rival Picasso,
and used that as a jumping off point to talk about suppression
and separatism. West said:
“Some of you here probably remember the night when the Donda tweets came through me and I
started talking about professions that you guys are going into, that seemed they had nothing to
do with a rapper. I was talking about a band of thinkers that could remove religion, race, gender,
and somehow come together to find solutions for a broken planet.”
West argued, “We have the resources as a civilization to find a utopia, but we’re led by the most
greedy and the least noble.” The star shared his belief that seflishness and other people’s opinions are
preventing a seamless society, and drew a comparison between the Bible and The Matrix that he
recently shared with Steve McQueen:
“There’s a Bible saying, ‘No weapon formed against me shall prosper’. Recently I’ve been doing
interviews and I’ve had to go back to this verse because I don’t think there’s a living celebrity
with more weapons formed against them, but I also don’t think there’s one more prosperous. So
what weapons have prospered? The smoke and mirrors of other opinions.
What I said [to McQueen] was The Matrix is like the Bible of the post-information age… I
compared it like when the hundred guys come at Neo, those are opinions, that’s perception,
that’s tradition. Attacking people from every which angle possible. If you have a focus wide and
master senseis like Laurence Fishburne and you have a squad behind you, you literally can put
the world in slow motion.”
West explained, “This humanity that I talk about, this civilization that I talk about, this future utopia I
talk about… it can only happen through collaboration,” and cited Steve Jobs as an example. The rapper
“I love Steve Jobs, he’s my favorite person, but there’s one thing that disappoints me. When
Steve passed he didn’t give the ideas up. That’s kinda selfish. You know that Elon’s like ‘yeah,
take these ideas’. Maybe there are companies outside of Apple that could work on them and
push humanity forward. Maybe the stock brokers won’t like that, the stock holders wouldn’t like
that idea, but ideas are free and you can’t be selfish with them.”
He went on to deem himself a “servant, with my voice, with my ability to build relationships with
amazing people, speak to amazing people, call Elon Musk out of the blue, or call Obama out of the
blue. He calls the home phone, by the way.” West then used North’s toys to talk about quality and
luxury, and how they relate to happiness. He shared:
“I’d see toys that some people would buy for my daughter and I’d say this toy isn’t quality. I
don’t want my daughter playing with this. There’s not enough love put into this, this is just
manufactured with the will to sell, and not the will of inspiration.
[Vanessa Beecroft] bought my daughter these three wolves, knowing the whole collection, that
it’d play with the song Wolves, and based on this concept. And when my daughter saw these
wolves, I’ve never seen her so happy. She was going so crazy, she was grabbing one, she was
riding on top of one… I’ve never seen her happier than this moment. That level of happiness
seems to be the thing that we’re fighting for every day, that we’re trying to buy back, trying to
work for, especially in America…
We’ve been sold a concept of joy through advertising, through car advertising, through fashion
branding. It’s not the concept of time, time with your family, time with your friends, the little time
that we do have on earth and what we do with that. It was somehow sold to us through a Gucci
bag or something.
Time is the only luxury. It’s the only thing you can’t get back. If you lose your luggage – I’m not
gonna say the obvious brand of luggage that I’d normally say because I’ve got a meeting with
them soon – if you lose your expensive luggage at the airport, you can get that back. You can’t
get the time back.”
It feels like people do everything in life to get this BMW, this Benz, to get this townhome, to get
2.5 kids exactly. One of them has to be small, y’know! And you’re looking for this moment where
you sit in your BMW after all the work you’ve done and all the accolades you get, and you
somehow think you’re gonna get that level of joy that my daughter had when she received those
wolves. And when you’re sitting in traffic in your BMW, it’s something that feels empty. To
everyone who reaches that point. This concept of the selfish human, this idea of separation by
race, or gender, or religion, or age, or my favorite thing to hate, class.”
West added, “People say it takes a village to raise a child. People ask me how my daughter is doing.
She’s only doing good if your daughter’s doing good. We’re all one family.” The problem, says West,
is when the rest of the world doesn’t see itself as “one family,” and argues, “We have the ability to
approach our race like ants, or we have the ability to approach our race like crabs.”
“This is a generation that is far less racist – yes, small remnants remain of even thinking of
calling something of a racial slur. White people that listen to rap say ‘n-gger’… in the privacy of
their own home. That idea [racism], has passed. We’ve had The Cosby Show, Obama’s president,
Beyonce’s great… that’s passed. But there’s still something you’re taught every day, especially in
the UK, and that’s division by class. Our main focus, in my opinion… Imagine a world with no
war, and imagine if everyone’s main focus, more so than going out to a club, their main focus
was to help someone else.
I was joking with an interviewer earlier today…people talk about the number of viewers the Brits
get, or the number of viewers the Grammys get. They need to do award shows for the Nobel
Peace Prize, but I guess that doesn’t sell as many MasterCard commercials…
You guys have been taught, without you knowing, ways to separate yourselves from each other.
If you’re separated, you can be easily controlled. If you’re too busy pointing fingers at each other,
rather than holding hands, you can’t get anything done.
West then gave a personal example of when he was happily outshined by someone else: Nicki Minaj.
He explained, “You know, Chris Rock called my album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy…well, Chris
Rock and everyone else at every single media publication called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the
best album of the last 25 years. This only came through collaboration.” West continued:
“One of the most memorable things about MBDTF was Nicki Minaj, and the fact that she kicked
my ass, on my own song, on one of the best albums…the best album – I’m just saying what the
critics said – of the last 25 years. The best album of the past 25 years that I spent a year and a
half making, out there. I was exiled from my country, it was a personal exile, but exile. To come
back and deliver my magnum opus of a work, and to be outshined… to be beat by a girl,
basically. This was necessary. I think it was one of the most important points of working on that
album, was to not stop her from her moment because of how good she is.”
The controversial performer later declared, “One of my biggest Achilles heels has been my ego. And if
I, Kanye West, the very person, can remove my ego, I think there’s hope for everyone.” He went on:
“My momma taught me that if I was in a grocery store and I’m by myself and a stranger grabbed
my hand, scream at the top of your f-cking lungs. If I’m at an awards show and a stranger grabs
my hand and they say so we’re going to use these moving lights, or we’re gonna play the music
right now before we define the look, or we’re gonna cut the TV cameras in a traditional way. I’ll
scream at the top of my f–king lungs.
People say I have a bad reputation. I think I’ve got the best reputation in the building. They want
you to have a reputation of tucking your black nail polish into your pockets and sitting in the
corner of the class, and not fighting for your ideas out of fear of being ridiculed… That’s one of
my favorites, to be called crazy…
I’m successful in learning about the beauty that is afforded rich people. But in learning that, being
brought up, middle class, it’s something that is beating out of my chest. ‘Wait a second, I was
middle class, and I didn’t get to see none of this sh*t!’
Let’s have an NBC telethon moment, and say that beauty has been stolen from the people and is
being sold back to them under the concept of luxury! It’s illegal to not wear clothes, and also
possibly too cold. That means someone is imposing an idea on you that should legally have to
do! Clothing should be like food. There should never be a $5000 sweater. You know what should
cost $5000? A car should be $5000. And you know who should work on the car? The people that
work on the $500,000 cars. All the best talent in the world needs to work for the people. And I am
so f*cking serious about this concept that I will stand in front of anyone and fight for it. Because
I was 14 and middle class. I know what it felt like to not get what I have.”
West concluded, “People say to me ‘you’re successful, what are you crying about?’. I’m crying about
the people. I’m crying about their daughters. Our daughters, as one family. What good is it. What good
is anything that everyone can’t have. Every ism. They think we’re done with racism. What about
elitism, what about separatism, what about classism? That’s all.”
That’s all? Wow. And we didn’t even feature everything West said, which also included a backhanded
Drake compliment, the revelation that West doesn’t know the days of the week, and how he’d be
“batting 2000″ if he didn’t get in trouble for dissing other artists. He also got mad at himself for
mentioning Mastercard, saying, “I was trying to get a flawless victory on my speech! No offense to
MasterCard… but that was a big f*ckking logo in the middle!” Well then. What do you think of West’s

Nigerians blast singer Sheyi Shay for wearing revealing outfit to meet President.

Nigerians on twitter are going hard on Sheyi Shay for her dressing during a sit down with the President Good luck Jonathan.

what do you guys think is this appropriate dressing to meet your president ? 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Four Activists Sue Buhari Over Alleged Perjury

Four activists have filed a fresh criminal suit against the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari before an
Abuja Magistrates' Court over alleged false information.
The activists are Shield Jones Ufot, Jimmy David, Ogueri Enwerem and Tochukwu Okorie.
The activists filed a direct criminal complaint through their lawyer, Ugochukwu Ezekiel at the court.
The complainants named Buhari as the only defendant in the suit.
They alleged that Buhari gave a false evidence to a public officer contrary to Section 157 of the Penal Code and punishable under Section 158 of the Penal Code
The complainants further claimed that they are Nigerian citizens, activists and social crusaders committed to ensuring obedience to the laws of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria with a duty to report crime and ensure prosecution of offenders.
They also claimed that they are tax payers and voters in Nigeria qualified to vote and be voted for in Nigeria.
In the particulars of the alleged offence against Buhari, the complainants submitted that Buhari on December 18, 2014, filled and submitted INEC Form C.F 001 to
the Independent National Electoral Commission (a public office) wherein t Buhari gave his qualification to contest the office of the President of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria as West African School Certificate (WASC), which he claimed to have obtained in 1961.
They however, claimed that Buhari never sat for the West African Examination Council examination in 1961 as he claimed and that in the entire records of the
school and WAEC, there appeared no name of the said Mohammadu Buhari.
They further submitted that Buhari with intent to mislead a public officer as to comply with the provisions of Section 31 of the Electoral Act, 2010, deposed to
various affidavits in the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja wherein he stated that he attended Katsina Provincial Secondary School, Katsina State
and obtained a West African School Certificate and the certificates he claimed to have obtained are with the Nigerian Army.
Source: Leadership.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Beyoncé and Tina knowles dine with BFF kelly rowland and family.

Guess who was spotted with his mega famous auntie and his gorgeous mum yes it's our first look of baby Titan and he looks adorable.

Beyonce , her mum and Jay Z were spotted in LA with her best friend Kelly rowland and her new born son Titan.

kelly has tried to keep her new born under wraps but I guess you can't hide if you're a child of destiny.

The adorable pic below.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nigerian Banks stop usage of ATM cards in USA and China.

Rising cases of electronic frauds, especially Automated Teller Machine-related scams, which have made Deposit Money Banks to
lose billions of naira in recent times, have forced some of the lenders to prevent their payments cards from working in the United
States of America, China and a few other countries.
It was gathered that the banks took the action following the huge amount they were spending in refunding customers who had lost
money in payment cards related frauds.
“A number of banks decided to deactivate their payment cards from working in the USA, China and a few other countries that are
still using magnetic stripe instead of the chip and PIN,” a top bank official familiar with the situation told our correspondent on

“The decision was caused by the rising cases of fraudsters using cloned Nigerian ATM cards to make transactions at shopping in
malls in the USA and China,” he added.
Apart from fraudsters using cloned payment cards issued by Nigerian banks to buy goods abroad, it was gathered that some of the
payment cards had also been used to withdraw money from ATMs in foreign countries, especially in the US.
“This scam has been on for a very long time but it has reduced drastically since some banks decided to deactivate their payment
cards from working overseas. However, what we have done as a bank is to tell our customers to inform us whenever they are
travelling overseas so that we can activate their payment cards to work overseas. Once they tell us, we will activate it,” the banker

According to the Central Bank of Nigeria statistics, banks lost N40bn to electronic frauds in 2013 alone.
However, findings by our correspondent showed that prior to the recent deactivation of the payment cards from working overseas,
refunds made by banks to customers who were victims of cards frauds were in excess of N1bn.
One of the ‘Systemically Important Banks’ made refunds in excess of N200m in 2014, a top official said.

The PUNCH had in August last year exclusively reported that electronic fraudsters had been duplicating payment cards belonging to
Nigerian bank customers and using them to buy items worth millions of dollars from shopping malls in the US.
It was gathered that the development had made the Nigerian banks and their customers to be losing millions of naira to the e-
The development had forced top executives of the banks and senior officials of the CBN to meet with the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commission sometime last year.
Following the meeting, the EFCC was said to have commenced the process of collaborating with sister agencies in the US to effect
the arrest of some of the fraudsters.
When contacted on Sunday about the deactivation of payment cards from working overseas, the Chairman, Committee of E-
Banking Industry Heads, Mr. Tunde Kuponiyi, said banks had deployed a number of technologies to stem the tide of electronic
frauds, including payment card related frauds.
He said millions of naira had been spent to deploy the electronic payment technologies, adding that the rate of e-frauds had gone
down drastically in recent times following such moves.
He, however, was silent on whether some banks had deactivated their payments cards from working overseas unless informed by
their customers travelling abroad.

The Chairman, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, Lagos State Branch, Mr. Abolade Agbola, had emphasised the need for the
CBN to fast-track the biometric registration of bank customers as a way of checking electronic fraud.
He said, “There is no justification for it (deactivation of ATM cards); and what that will do is that people will limit the amount of
money or specify the kind of account they expose to online transactions.
“I think the CBN is also insisting that when this issue has happened, it must be resolved speedily so that confidence will not be lost.
And that is one of the reasons why banks will keep on changing their software to make it safer; and, of course, that is also one of
the reasons the issue of national identity card needs to be fast-tracked, which is at the government level.”
The President, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Mr. Chidi Ajaegbu, said the CBN had achieved a lot in the cashless
drive but there was a need to continue to build public confidence in the electronic means of payments.
“If we are striving to become a 24-hour economy, then we must have the necessary controls in place to build people’s confidence
in the cashless policy we are driving. And part of this is making sure that people believe that their liquid assets and details are
secure. It is the key to the 24-hour economy we are driving towards,” he said.

The General Manager, Visa West Africa, Mr. Ade Ashaye, noted that the type of card used in the US might be prone to fraud.
He, however, said the development could be mitigated by new technologies.

Culled from PUNCH?