Monday, May 25, 2015

Beyonce kills it in Ankara Wrapper

World Superstar Beyonce posted a killer look on her Instagram last weekend.

The singer renowned for repping her African heritage showed the world that sometimes less is more.

With understated make up and a simple white Tank top and Ankara Wrapper she posed it up in Italy.

Jay Z is a lucky man.

Virgos rule...........

 photo gumf607.jpg

 photo gumf203.jpgWhat do you think of her look above?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Blasts Mandela, Claims SA Unemployment Causing Xenophobic Attacks

Admitting he was spewing "poison", President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday blamed unemployment in South Africa for the vicious xenophobic attacks against foreigners there, including Zimbabweans.
Clearly revelling in his role as Africa's political grandee and elder statesman, Mugabe claimed that Africa's second biggest economy needed help from its poorer neighbours.
"We must help them; they need another liberation," said the veteran leader who, at 91, is old enough to be the father of most SADC leaders.

He was addressing a press conference in Botswana after visiting the headquarters of the regional SADC grouping which he currently chairs.
Zimbabwe has struggled with a serious economic crisis for about 15 years. The crunch shows no sign of easing and has forced an estimated one million locals across the border into South Africa in search of a better life.
President Jacob Zuma, frustrated by criticism over his government's response to recent xenophobic attacks, challenged regional leaders to consider why their people were running off to South Africa.

Despite conceding that countries such as Zimbabwe needed to do more to stop the stream of migrants to South Africa at a SADC summit in Harare last month, Mugabe changed tack in Gaborone on Wednesday.
The problem, he claimed, was that South Africa is failing to create jobs for its people.
Independent economic commentators say unemployment in Zimbabwe is close to 90 percent but the Harare administration claims its just 11 percent since most of those without formal jobs work as vendors.
His government's optimistic view of Zimbabwe's jobless stats probably encouraged Mugabe to lecture South Africa.

"The pressures with people of South Africa are so much that we cannot avoid incidents of that nature (xenophobia)," said the Zanu PF leader.
"People are unemployed, lots of young men and women are in the streets so when they see people from neighbouring countries running small shops they conclude that it's these people that have robbed them of their chances, which is not the case.
"It's not the other African, but it's a factor of the whites that have kept opportunities to themselves.
"The political dispensation did not address the disparities between white and black with most of the land in the hands of whites and most of the employment opportunities enjoyed by them (whites)."

Mandela got it wrong
He would not resist another dig at Nelson Mandela - the globally revered anti-apartheid revolutionary who Mugabe sees as a rival in the pantheon of Africa's greatest liberation leaders.
Mandela, Mugabe said, forgot that political freedom meant little without the transfer of wealth from white former oppressors to the freed black majority.

"This is what Nelson Mandela forgot to do," said the Zimbabwean leader.
"He (Mandela) thought freedom was number one, which was correct but when they negotiated they got freedom but with European rights preserved.
"This was controlled freedom. So that is the problem. There has not been as much access (to resources) by Africans as we have here and in our countries."

After helping end white racist rule in 1980, Mugabe has overseen the transfer of prime farmland from a few thousands whites to black Zimbabweans and is now targeting foreign-owned mines and industries.
Critics however, say his much-vaunted black empowerment policies have impoverished Zimbabweans with the country - a former net food exporter - now relying on food aid and imports with no formal economy to talk about as industries have collapsed.
Still, Mugabe said the ANC-led administration in Pretoria must, as he did, target the country's wealthy white population.

"It's a xenophobia of whites, not of blacks. You cannot live in palaces while others are living in shanties. Anyway, the ANC should take care of that," he said.
Having helped South Africa attain freedom in 1994, Zimbabwe and other neighbouring countries needed to do it all over again.

"So we must help them. They need another liberation," said Mugabe.
Aware that his remarks would likely cause disquiet across the border the Zanu PF leader remarked: "They will say this Mugabe talks poison.
"I give poison not for you to swallow but to give to someone else."

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Confused Lady writes....Dear Bossip: I’m In Love With A Married Man & Another Man & My Boyfriend

Chile i saw this post back @Bossip and decided to share.

a confused babe wrote them that she is in love with three this common or nah

Dear Bossip,

I am in a relationship with my boyfriend of four years. We have a one year old child together and we live together.
Before I met him, I hadn’t been in a relationship for two years. I was just embracing the single life, and getting myself together. Prior to being in a relationship with him I had two male friends. We were close and we talked and text all the time.

Friend number 1 is married and he has three kids with his wife. Friend number 2 lives with his girlfriend and he has two kids as well. Me and friend number 1 have known each other for 7 years. We never had a sexual relationship. We were just really cool. We talked and chilled sometimes.
With friend number 2 we have had a sexual relationship, but we never were together in a relationship. We have known each other for around 6 years. Both men have been there through thick and thin. They have listened to all my problems. Recently, friend number 1 told me he loved me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. Never saying he would leave his wife, but wants me to be his side piece. Saying he would be there for me whenever I needed him. I fell for it, and for a while, I was going along with it.

We have never had sex, but we have made out, and have been a little too close for comfort. I did not have sex with him because I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with two guys. I was still with my boyfriend. During this time, my boyfriend started acting up, so I looked at friend number 1 as a getaway. We would talk on the phone late, and texted late. He has come out of his house late to meet me when I wanted to see him. He was there.

I guess he got tired of waiting on me to sleep with him, so recently he broke up with me. I was hurt. I cried a little bit, but I guess I’m over it. I was very close to sleeping with him because I found out my boyfriend cheated on me. But, I didn’t. At the same time, I am still communicating with friend number 2. We text, talk, and he tells me he loves me and I love him too. But, he won’t leave his girlfriend because he wants to be there for his kids. That’s understandable. I guess I feel the same way. I want my family together.
I feel a little bad, but then again I don’t because my boyfriend has put me through a lot of things. He cheated on me, so I guess I am getting even. And, these dudes have been around longer than my boyfriend, and they have been through it all. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am in love with all three of these men.

Although friend number 1 has broken up with me, I’m sure he will be back. We have been through this before. And, when he does come back I will let him back in. This time, I’m sure we will go the next step and sleep together. Is it possible to be in love with three people? I am truly in love with all three of them for different reasons. And, do I tell my current boyfriend of my deception, or do I take it to my grave. I really do need help because I am lost and confused. – In Love With Three Men

 Bossip's response is priceless......

Dear Ms. In Love With Three Men,

You are all types of wrong. And, in all honesty, you are a nothing more than a trick.
Why are you even in a relationship? What’s the point? You don’t love your boyfriend, and it’s obvious you don’t want to be with him, so just end it. Be honest with him and be upfront. He is not giving you or providing you with the attention you need. And, in all honesty, you are damaged, and he can never replace friend number 1 or friend number 2. You’re co-dependent on these men. SMDH!

Hell, why don’t you leave all of them alone and focus on you and your low self-esteem. How about you work on your self-respect, and have some dignity. How about you stop tricking yourself out to these men, and find out what it really is that you need. And, leave men who are in relationships alone! How about you find a hobby other than juggling men, and sleeping around. Grow up, and stop these childish games of rotating men. It’s not cute or attractive.
And, sweetie, you claim you were not in a relationship prior to meeting your current boyfriend, but you were in a relationship with friend number 1 and friend number 2. Regardless if they were not committed relationships, you were involved with them emotionally and mentally. And, friend number 2 you had a sexual relationship. Therefore, you were in some type of relationship.

What’s sad is that both of these men are involved with other women, and you allowed yourself to be in their lives as the other woman. When you met your boyfriend you never told him about friend number 1 or friend number 2. You didn’t let him know that you had been seeing two other guys, and you didn’t explain the situation. So, for four years you have been deceptive and manipulative. You haven’t been honest with your boyfriend. You’ve kept these men around as your so-called friends, but in reality they are not. You were intimately involved with them. Therefore, how can you be mad at your boyfriend for cheating when you’ve been doing it all along?

Then, when friend number 1, the married man, asked you to be his girlfriend, or rather his side piece, you agreed. HUH? Sweetie, he’s a married man. How can you agree to be someone’s girlfriend and their married? And, you are currently in a relationship and live with your boyfriend. Girl, you are a dirty trick! You’re just trifling and low down.
What is even sadder is that after friend number 1 broke up with you, and you claim to be heartbroken, he went back to his wife. He treated you just like the side chick bird that you are, and you’re just waiting for him to contact you again so you can start back up where you left off. WOW! And, you claim to be sad. Why? How can you be heartbroken over someone who is married? You will never be his wife, or his woman. You will forever be a side chick. Then, you claim that if you and he get back together you will take it to the next level and sleep with him. WOW!?!?

So, you’re going to trick yourself out to a married man while you are currently in a relationship? What is the purpose of being in a relationship? Why are you with your boyfriend anyway? It’s obvious you don’t want to be with him. You don’t want to be in a committed relationship. You enjoy sleeping around, and having several men to play with. You are not interested in being in a relationship. You just want to sleep around.
These men are all providing you with something you need to fulfill within yourself. You are desperate for attention, and hungry for love. You are only using these men to fulfill something you are lacking. You obviously don’t love yourself or respect yourself. If you did, then you wouldn’t be messing around with another woman’s husband. And, you wouldn’t be sleeping with another woman’s man and he has a family at home. Also, you wouldn’t be lying and being dishonest with your boyfriend and pretending things are okay within your own relationship. Therefore, you are nothing more than a bird.

Nothing is going to change with you because you have had these men in and out of your life a number of years. You like the attention, and you like the fact that you can go back and forth between them and get what you need from each of them. You won’t ever be honest with your boyfriend, and you won’t leave him because you like drama, and he’s really a non-factor. You like that you have the option of having three men to choose from, and you don’t have to commit to either of them. What’s sad is that you are spreading yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically and eventually you will have a breakdown, and it will destroy you. Sleeping with three different men, as you plan to do, will only result in you becoming pregnant again, and you won’t know who the father may be. Also, the potential for contracting an STD. And, if one of the other women should find out and learn you are sleeping with her man, then she may come after you, and it will destroy the other men’s families, though they are just as sad for being complicit in this. This is a dangerous game, and I’d advise you to get out of it, and to stop what you are doing. You are only creating a situation that will potentially backfire, and it will blow up in your face. But, I doubt if you will heed the advice and stop. You don’t care about anyone else but yourself. – Terrance Dean

Chile........they told her via

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


James ran as he heard the screaming crowd coming for him, right into the dirty bush he ran, previous days he would watch his steps to avoid stepping into human and animal feces today there was no such luxury.
The sharp cuts as the Tree branches cut him, yet he felt no pain, Fear pulsated through his blood stream propelling his legs to move at an alarming speed. The wind whispered as he felt it’s touch, he felt the hot air wafting through his nose. Their chants roared in his ears, their aggressive voices rising in unison , his senses unconsciously calculating their distance they were closing in on him and fast.

Four hours ago as he stepped out of his flat he shared with his two friends from his home country he had no idea he would be fleeing for his dear life, Five years ago he had come to this country equipped with nothing but his back pack filled with scanty clothing. His family had sold two goats , pulling resources together to buy his ticket, this was the Land of Opportunity , A land overflowing with Gold and precious stones, ‘The White man refused to leave “ his friends would taunt “the lull of the precious jewels entrapping them, latching unto their souls and binding them to this land for generations to come, “it’s our land , it’s mother Africa’s gift to us “ his grandmother said “go and get yours “. So he came, sleeping in the cold and toiling on the roads, he stayed. Offering his services to all white and black he toiled, with hard work as his teacher and determination as his motivation   he rose , from street cleaner to Laundry man , from Laundry man to shop worker, from shop worker to Laborer , from laborer to mine workman he settled. Never forgetting his family, always sending half of his monthly wages home, he had found his own share of Mama Africa’s blessing, it was not much but it would do.

Oh such small dreams, to finally take his black beauty to the altar and bring her here, to complete a small structure to house his family , to buy his aged grandmother a wheel chair to ease her back pain, to send a car home for his younger ones to start a transport business and pay their way through school, to start his own  family, to have a little boy who would be a doctor or an engineer ,……or such small dreams , they seemed a life time away as he jumped over a large pile of tree trunks , the one thought in his mind right now was to survive this savages.

They ran, blood flowing through their veins their eyes red with blood lust , their belligerence stimulated by cheap alcohol, ignorance and crack , their prey maneuvered through the bush jumping over broken tree stumps and mounts of dirt, his tenacity angered them, His jacket flapping with the wind like wings they were close enough now to see the soles of his canvas agilely maintaining the distance between them, the intruder, the devil, the job taker, the woman snatcher, the interloper, the squatter they would catch him, they would tie him, they would beat him with sticks and stones,, with their machetes and knives they would carve him and before he took his last breath they would douse him with petrol and burn him, they would know , with this ongomazi they would know, the others who came in thousands to steal their jobs, their women, their houses, their cars, their money, their culture …amandla nodumo ……….they would know to leave their precious jewels to them.

James felt the wind cut off as he fell, his leg had hit something hard, something that was not supposed to be on this path, he hit the ground his breath almost leaving him he stared deep at the eyes of a little boy, his age he could not tell as his skin had been severely disfigured, dead eyes stared back at him , dried blood with large flies encircling all over covered the ground, their chants of uye zidindilizile emhlabathini, bambambe  reminded him he was in death’s trap, he looked back and a stick hit him on the head, they were not more than Thirty five feet away from him, shock  momentarily forgotten he sprang up and  kept on running, he would not die here, in the hands of this crowd, dirty street urchins, young men and boys not more than Twenty five, He had recognized a few as he looked back, his own neighbors, some he had given presents of rice and milk, as he walked home from the market each weekend he had shared bread, young men jobless without direction , they sat at dark alleys and by the way side, smoking crack, drinking local brew, Lazy. Their mothers were too overwhelmed to caution them, their fathers …what fathers ??….some too far way, they left them abandoned as they cohabited with other women, other children ….. so many unknown, sired underneath the back of an abandoned car  what father ?

They refused to work under the hot sun, preferring to live on hand outs and curse the government, school was out of the question many of them had dropped out, who needs school when they was no food to eat at home, they would rather sit and drink, smoke and talk and when night falls beg and steal , the tired workers that dragged themselves home were an easy bait, James always tried to give , they reminded him of his younger ones in his home country , at least he had his family to help direct those ones but these  one’s had no one, they were a group of misguided youth who believed that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they deserved to be rich because it was their land and everyone else took what was rightfully theirs.
He saw with the corner of his eye an intersection, Left on this road led to the police station, safety …men with uniforms to guide and protect , with guns blazing they would protect an innocent man from the mob but right …he thought ….hmnn he had more than a split second to make up his mind. “Gbam!” another stick hit him on his back , blinding pain running up to his eyes they were now very close , their footsteps like loud drums ringing in his ears , swiftly he turned right increasing his pace. The strength to keep on running he had no idea where it came from, he saw the light go on the sun had begun to set he began to scream “Gbam!” a sharp object hit his left leg , the pain was different they were now within close enough distance to throw knives, he could smell the blood his screams never stopped , he would not die here, not like this , he saw the rush he felt relief, the gates swung open he could almost taste relief. “Gbam!” A stone hit him on his back , he did not even feel it this time , there was light at the end of the tunnel, his final strength he used with all that he had left, the gates swung shut as he took his last steps into the church.

He faltered and fell right into the hands of the priest, Guards stationed at the gate cocked their guns and the crowd wavered , their momentum suddenly lost, He turned and for the first time looked them in their eyes, separated by a wired gate his eyes questioned theirs , James kept breathing hard he could not even speak, the Priest touched his shoulder offering him what little comfort he could muster.
The white reporter stood at the gates perplexed , with his phone camera on he looked at both groups in surprise whispering into his recorder “ and I looked from the group inside the church and the group outside the church stopped by soldiers with guns, I was shocked that these Africans outside meant the ones inside much harm. Looking from one group to the other I could not tell the difference, same features, same skin, same clothes who is the outsider and who is the interloper?” shaking his head the white reporter muttered “this Africans one match is enough for them to forget who their brother really is.”

Borno Gov To Buhari: Give N/east 13% Oil Derivation

There are no words to add to this piece so i will simply write this.


The Borno State governor, Kassim Ibrahim, yesterday appealed to the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd, to allocate 13 per cent of petroleum revenue to the North East region which has been ravaged by insurgency when he assumes office.

The governor, who made the demand known in a paper which he is expected to deliver today at Day-Two of a conference organised by the Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development (SCDDD), asserted that the current insurgency was the direct outcome of the inequality in oil revenue distribution.

The governor, at the conference which has the theme, ‘Post-2015 Elections Conference on Security and Governance Challenges in Africa’s Largest Democracy’, urged the incoming All Progressive Congress (APC) government to immediately recommend the allocation of at least 13 % of revenue derived from petroleum resources in addition to the usual monthly location to the states in north eastern Nigeria to ameliorate their plight.

The governor’s position was contained in a paper entitled ‘Holistic Approach for the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of the North East Nigeria Region Ravaged by Terrorism and Insurgency: The National and International Policy Options/Perspectives’, which is to be delivered at the event by his representative and secretary, Borno Elders Forum, Dr Bulama Mala Gubio, expressed regret that the petroleum deposit in the North East had been left untapped.

Governor Shettima also called for the establishment of a special intervention programme to salvage the region from socio-economic deprivation on the one hand and environmental degradation on the other, which, he said, would lead to desertification and drought with their consequent imbalance in ecological dynamics.

“Importantly, it is necessary for the federal government to recommend the allocation of at least 13 % of revenue derived from petroleum resources in addition to the usual monthly allocation to states in north eastern Nigeria in order to improve equity in the share of resources. Moreover, there is untapped petroleum in the North East. This will go a long way in improving national security, since inequality in the allocation of resources is one of the most significant factors in the current raging insurgency affecting the region and threatening to engulf the outside world.

“Therefore, we are calling for the establishment of a special intervention programme to salvage the region from socio-economic deprivation on one hand and environmental degradation on the other hand which leads to desertification and droughts with the consequent imbalance in ecological dynamics. It is our firm belief that this will go a long way to address the current socio-economic upheavals experienced in the region,” he noted.

Shettima lamented that the North East region, particularly Borno State, was facing dire environmental and humanitarian crises requiring urgent intervention and stressed that such intervention would include rehabilitation, stabilization and re-integration of the victims to normal life, re-building of broken down infrastructures, as well as re-integrating the insurgents back to normal society through proper education and debriefing.

The governor, in the paper, called on Nigerians to join hands to rebuild the region, noting that, at the moment, the states of the region were facing their fate alone.

Shettima called on the SCDDD to highlight the plight of the states of the region to the world with a view to eliciting assistance.

…APC’s victory laid June 12 ghost to rest – Kingibe

Meanwhile, chairman of the conference, and former vice presidential candidate of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) which won the annulled June 12, 1992, presidential election, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, in his opening remarks, said APC’s victory over the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the April general election had finally laid the ghost of the annulled June 12 election to rest.

According to Kingibe, Nigerians who were already fed up with the misrule and non-performance of the PDP spoke in one voice and acted in unity to remove the party from power.

“In Nigeria, we are living in the very exciting, challenging and interesting times. The divisiveness was an effort made by the political party but it was rejected by Nigerians and the other party that resolved not react accordingly. Efforts at dividing our people will not succeed. People are united in requesting democracy and freedom.

“For me, for the first time since 1992, perhaps Nigerians have purged themselves of the ghost of June 12. Several paradigms manifested. Perhaps now, the ghost of June 12 can rest due to the effort made by all through these years of trials and tribulations,” he said.

Keynote speaker at the event, Major-General Ishola Williams (retd) called for the scrapping of the appellations of ‘Excellency’, ‘distinguished’ and ‘honourable’ ascribed to elected officials and other public servants, saying that most of those officials do not merit the titles.

According to him, Nigerian remains one the poorest countries in the world yet most of the officials live in opulence.

While lamenting the neglect of huge volumes of reports, whitepapers and other documents, he said, should aid government to improve the socio economic situation of the people, he called on the incoming government to immediately dust and implement them.

Chairman and Founder of SCDDD, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, pointed out that the general goal and objectives of the two-day event was to interface with representatives of the international community in Nigeria, leading Nigerian scholars, media experts, party leaders, researchers in the fields of defence, security, extremism and terrorism, economic and political governance, international monetary and financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders, to debate on strategies that would best address issues of security and governance in Nigeria and her immediate neighbours, the sub-region and Africa.

The event attracted highly influential Nigerians and members of the diplomatic community who played various roles in ensuring that the last general election was peaceful, free, fair and transparent.

Mail From A UBA Staff To Top Management On How Bad They Treat Junior Staff

Some Contract Staff in Financial institutions and other organizations in this country are not treated with the respect they deserve.

someone posted this mail sent by a UBA staff to the management, crying out for equal or at least better treatment.

The piece is a sad one but with the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria there are thousands that will jump at this jobs flaws and all rather than remain jobless.

The mail below his grammatical errors and all.

This may not sound very serious to the ears of UBA management but if not looked into in a short possible time. It will destroy UBA as a bank.Service failure can’t be addressed without addressing the root causes of service failures amongst service custodians which are the ST and ASO(The contract people).The ST and ASO remain the strong backbone of UBA operation. They cant give what they don’t have. You can’t give happiness when you are not happy.There are poorly treated.

(1)Every branch of UBA have 70% of its staff members as either ST (64,000) monthly salary or an ASO (74,0000)monthly salary. The bulk of the bank operation lies in the hand of these categories of people. These category of people are sure of not having future in the bank, so there are less conscious of being sacked, because no terminal benefit. Meaning there number of years spent has no basis in their life. That is, there are laborers. Take the survey of these categories of people, there are always with their CV in their cubicles. Instead of concentrating on service to customers there are busy giving their cv to customers. Virtually all customers know their salaries. So how do they earn respect from the customers?

(2)UBA as a bank preach integrity but the management lack such viruture.So many ASO and St have gone to school and obtained,but the management chooses to hire fresh graduates and wants the fresh graduate to supervise the people who have the same qualification with them. Human nature is jealous and the only option is to frustrate the new hires thus causing strife and making the bank lose money and customers because there is not team spirit. Last two years HR invited people to conversion chart and till this moment nothing has been done.Instaed they keep deceiving us and that is not proper.

(3) I joined the bank at age 25. Now I am 35 years old. I am married with 2 children. How can I pay school fees, pay rent, and cater for my family with 64,000 and you want me to be happy serving your customers and you eat fat salaries at management level. A lot of tellers are stealing from the bank ranging from cash suppression and borrowing money from customers without repayment.

4) Tellers are treated like slaves in UBA. We work the hard work and the bom and cash officers go home with fat salaries with doing little. They push the bulk work to CRO, tellers, while we are sweating, there are making calls and smiling while we don’t have access to even reach our families during break.

5)Conduct a research amongst the frontline officer and you will find out that 99% are not happy. The boms treat tellers like rags and insult them. I am aware of teller who complained of bad working condition of maraba business office to mr kendy uzorka .The power that be sat on his conversion since 2010 and refused to convert him because he reported to Mr. KENNEDY instead of the AOM. What an intimidation

6) Some ASO has performed well more than Et and ABO people like ogodi ptarick,Cecelia nwafor,ngozie mba,owoade bayo,lina anuforo and they have worked with their strength and mind for UBA still the bank refused to convert them. Hard doesn’t pay for contract staff in uba too bad.

(7)Teller in UBA don’t dress well. You only talk of dressing well when you can feed well.Go to Zenith bank and see how tellers are properly dressed. The frontlines are neglected.

coolMany AOM don’t allow tellers go for leave,. It is a thug of war for tellers to go on leave. This kind of altitude is worst with OJE temitope of markurdi cluster. Virtually all tellers who are in that region complain of his denial of people going on leave unless you bow and kneel down for him. Is it right?

(’9)You don’t have control officers. They are lazy bunch of people.Instaed of doing work that will add value they choose to fight operation staff. Especially rosemary in Abuja region. There are not adding value.They borrow money from operation staff.Team up to eat overages in atm machines.

(9)Some tellers bring bottled groundnuts,shirts and clothing materials to sell to customers while attending to them.Investigate.These portray bad image because what they earn is the leave allowance of the so called ABO who don't know anything.


(1)There should be an immediate town hall meeting to restore the confidence of these category of staff.

(2)Salary Increase amongst these categories, House rent and transport is killing in Abuja expt you want your tellers to be stealing and be prepared for many court cases and this will portray a bad image for the bank as it will send signal that uba staff is thieves.

(3)Loan should be made easy for staff to take. We are not running away. We can’t access loan too bad.

(4)Arerepade Cecilia should be made to train all boms and AOMS on how to have good relationship with tellers, she has it but others are proud

(5)Tony elumelu do share little stipends for us while he was CEO.Please once in a while encourage us