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One car owner in Yenegoa , Bayelsa State really loves his African Print, one nairaland user put up the pics of the innovative car on nairaland.com .

see pics below.

You Like??

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Notorious Chief Nwiboko Obodo and the Odozi Obodo cult

In today's history but with a touch of shock i just learnt of this story via http://kirbyhistories.blogspot.com culled from Time.

Apparently in the heart land of Abaliki located in South eastern Nigeria ,Nigeria  had what can best be described as a cult with serial killers. the Time magazine article of 1958 below states.

In the vast British tropical colony of Nigeria, the back-country people of the Eastern Region have long been a troublesome lot to officialdom. Mostly half-naked farmers, they take unusual delight in staging bloody campaigns against vaccinations, and in setting schools on fire. Each time the police must come in to restore order. But of all the assignments that the police have undertaken, none has produced such eerie results as the search of the house of Chief Nwiboko Obodo.
For months reports had poured in of a high homicide rate around the tiny town of Abakaliki, about 50 miles from the Eastern Region capital of Enugu. Men would go to their farms of a morning and simply disappear; women went to market and never came home. Police found evidence that since 1954 there had been more than 100 murders in Abakaliki. But it was not until they raided Chief Obodo's house that they found the reason why.
Inside, they discovered rope, leg irons, and swords, as well as an assortment of juju charms bearing the warning that all men and women in the 14 villages around "must respect me and do whatever I say." It soon turned out that the chief was a member of a secret cult that inappropriately bears the name of Odozi Obodo, the "Committee of the Peacemakers."
The most powerful arm of the society was a sort of Murder Inc. squad called Exepute, meaning "the Chief says . .." It was the Exepute that carried out the grisly justice of the society against anyone who balked at paying the "taxes" the chiefs whimsically imposed, or against those whom the chiefs merely disliked. For the chiefs, murder was also a lucrative business: by tradition, they inherit "all property of the dead, including wives and children.
Last week, while Chief Obodo languished in jail and his British counsel, Dingle Foot (brother of Cyprus Governor Sir Hugh Foot), prepared his defense, one of his sidekicks, Chief Idaka Igboji, faced trial for murder, along with ten accomplices. A steady stream of witnesses —those who dared talk—told tales of death by drowning or burying alive. Finally there unrolled the story of the specific murder in question—that of a farmer named Nwakriko Abam. Abam, according to prosecution testimony, had been invited around for drinks by some of the chief's men. Suddenly his hosts seized him and slowly strangled him with a chain. His body was then brought before Chief Igboji, dismembered, tied to the victim's own bicycle, and flung into the river. Abam's crime: he had had the temerity to campaign against the chief in the last local parliamentary election.


Boko Haram Fighters In Zimbabwe En Route South Africa’

According to the Zimbabwean news website, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) issued an intelligence report, warning that the Islamist militant group is in Zimbabwe en route to neighbouring South Africa.

The Matebeleland region borders South Africa, where the jihadist group may seek to “carry out revenge attacks for the ill-treatment of several Nigerian nationals in the ongoing xenophobic attacks”.

Boko Haram released propaganda this month threatening to kill South Africans in retribution for the wave of xenophobic violence affecting Nigerians and others in that nation, though it was believed that Boko Haram members would find and kill South Africans in the areas where they operate: Northeast Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon.

Really  though??

Is the best way to get over heartbreak....being with someone else?

(Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)  

I think we can all agree that  dating  can be all sorts of stressful, Relationships are not a walk in the park, so when you finally find someone who you can let down your guard for, who you can share your innermost fears and desires with, that person who you trust to have your back it's really a beautiful feeling. Both of you are in love or in lust......who knows with this kids these days, you finally announce your coupling to the world, hey look at us we are together, you are proud of that partner by your side. You have changed your facebook profile to in a committed relationship, You begin most of your sentences with "you know my man said....or my girl is...."It becomes a partnership, when you see yourself in the future it's with that person it's the most beautiful yet most vulnerable feeling in the world....Relationships.

So what happens when it all comes crashing down, suddenly your heart is crushed and handed to you, the relationship is over , how do you move on? you have invested so much in this relationship in some cases maybe you even have a child together or maybe you have a dog together ,who gets what?
Oh my the never ending questions, what happened??, what's next? whose fault is it? will you get back together?  Are you ok? , then next comes the tiptoeing , mutual acquaintances become caught up in the middle can i still be friends with the other one? who do i support?, Do i tell the other what the EX is doing?

It's a very frustrating experience trust me,  so what's the best way to move on , Listen self help books will not help you, reading words from a strangers book means nothing to you when you are crying your self to sleep every night, maybe keeping yourself busy, trying to always be around good friends that's all well and good if you are all newly single heartbroken doves bonding together and calling yourselves the one heart ladies club or men with a mission that's a great plan but what happens if that's not the case, all your friends are in serious relationships and suddenly you find yourself the third wheel, their empathy for you turns to irritation as they become tired of carrying your sorrows , you have started cutting into their alone time and now they are politely look for ways to avoid you.

Burying yourself in work...now that's a good plan, you are pulling a 10 hours shift on a job that is supposed to take you 6 hours, how long will you run on auto pilot? you are bound to crash one way or another, maybe it's when you hear the news that your Ex is getting married to some Thot he told you was his Friends younger sister or older brother when you were dating, try chairing a work meeting after that kind of news .

People say that the best way to get over a heart break is being with someone else, However professional psychiatrists will tell you that you should take time to be with yourself after the end of a committed relationship, that you will need to heal yourself by re evaluating what went wrong and getting closure.
Moving on too fast will  only lead to you making the same mistakes again.

That's all well and good but i say the best revenge to an Ex who has done you wrong is showing up on the arm of another person who for all intents and purposes is an upgrade, i mean yes it's childish to even be so concerned, But secretly we know you want to say it there is no better feeling than seeing the face of an Ex especially if they were unfaithful when you are on the arms of your new boo who is 1,000 times better than they are, you think i am lying ask the Rapper Future how he felt when he saw the picture above of  his Ex Fiancee Rnb Singer Ciara  on the arms of Russel Wilson , a finer, richer , more successful man than he is and to add insult to the injury at the white house for a state dinner. ...werk girl...

So what do you say Is the best way to get over heartbreak....being with someone else? your thoughts not mine.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Power of Praise

God is.....I honestly cannot describe who He is, people call him different names , From Tibet to Mali majority of human beings acknowledge that there is a superior being who created the world and put us humans here, if you don't believe this  then i wonder how you think you got here and what your purpose on this earth is.

For Christians Praise is our soul's way of acknowledging our Lord's presence, it's our way of electrifying our spirits, when we offer praise we forget for a moment our problems, the darkness in the world is but a moment forgotten, it's our way of laying down our battle weapons and offering adoration to our maker, letting him know that we are grateful, that we love Him, that we understand that without Him we are nothing.

Praise is our spirits ringing the bell of submission, it's our lips moving in it's truest form, an organ with multipurpose  functions going back to default mode , when we offer praises to God for one moment when we close our eyes we transcend beyond physical realms , Praise  was king David's best weapon, facing condemnation and imminent punishment it was his hearts defense mechanism to melt his Master's stance even in the midst of all his wrong doing.

Praise is everything..................To US, To Me.

Sometimes we get lost in the rat race that we forget why we are really here......Praise reminds us.

 i decided to share one of my favorite gospel songs below , Vicky Yohe Mercy Seat.

Court dissolves 3yr old marriage over wife’s lack of vagina opening

In today's round up of stories that make you drop your jaws ,

An Abeokuta Customary Court sitting in Ake on Wednesday dissolved a three-year-old marriage between Mr Femi Olayiwole and wife, Kemi, due to the absence of vagina, deceit and frequent fighting.

Olayiwole told the court that his wife deceived him to marry her knowing that she could not bear him a child.

He accused his wife, who had failed to appear in court after being summoned several times, of living a false life, frequent fighting and threatening his life.

“My wife had been deceiving me since we got married I have never seen her pass through menstruation. My wife does not have any vagina opening.
“Anytime I ask her for sex, she would give an excuse to back up her refusal. Meanwhile, we have been praying to God to give us children.

“My wife did not tell me anything about her condition before we got married, until February this year that she confessed to me that she had never experienced menstruation in her life.

“I thought she was lying, so I went to see her parents who told me it was true, and that they thought their daughter explained to me before we got married,” Olayiwole told the court.

He pleaded with the court’s president to dissolve his three-year-old marriage that had nothing to show for both now and in future.

The News Agency Nigeria reports that the defendant was absent in spite several summons by the court.

The court’s president, Mr, Olalekan Akande, dissolved the marriage, saying that both parties had made up their minds to part ways.

Akande said that both parties were free to remarry anybody of their choice, adding that the document of the marriage dissolution should be sent to Kemi.

Further research has identified that this condition is known as  Vaginal Agenesis and it affects 1 out of 5,000 to 7,000 female infants. my heart bleeds for the Wife but full disclosure is always key before a marriage.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

NNPC deducted $18.53bn oil revenue, audit report confirms Sanusi’s allegation

The just released audit report by PricewaterHouse Coopers PWC on the financial management of the NNPC has revealed that there were many cases of duplicated subsidy payment by the NNPC to many oil marketers between 2012 and 2013.

According to the report, payment of subsidies for petrol (PMS) and kerosene (DPK) between January 2012 and July 2013 when investigated had a difference of $980 million (about N195 billion) due to duplicated payments.

“Our review of the subsidy documentation revealed that the subsidy due to NNPC between January 2012 and July 2013 on PMS and DPK import was $8.99billion compared to the $9.97 billion stated by the Reconciliation Committee.
The difference was due to the following: Exclusion of October 2011-December 2011 subsidy claims of $1.2billion. This does not relate to the review period of January 2012 to July 2013; $0.13billion increase in PMS subsidy claimed for the 19 months period, $0.09billion increase in DPK subsidy claimed for the 19 months period; duplicated discharges noted in subsidy computations Our examination of the PMS and DPK import verified by PPPRA revealed that some discharges were apparently verified and subsidy advised to NNPC more than once,” the report stated.

According to Leadership, the report showed NNPC spent $18.53billion (or N3.65 trillion) as operational costs without a duly approved budgetary allocation. The report also indicated that the total gross revenues generated from the federal government crude oil lifting between January 1, 2012 and July 31, 2013 was $69.34 billion and not $67 billion as earlier stated by the federal government’s Reconciliation Committee.

The report also stated it was unable to verify the exact unremitted revenues accruing to the Federation Accounts as it did not have access to NPDC’s full account. The Nigerian Petroleum Development Company is a subsidiary of the NNPC. “We did not have access to NPDC’s full accounts and records and we have not ascertained the amount of costs and expenses which should be applied to the US$5.11billion Crude Oil revenue (net of royalties and PPT paid) per the NPDC submission to the Senate Committee which should be considered as dividend payment by NPDC to NNPC for ultimate remittance to the Federation Account.

Between 12 January and 29 January 2015, NNPC provided transaction documents representing additional costs of $2.81 billion related to the review period, citing the NNPC Act LFN No 33 of 1977 that allows such deductions. Clarity is required on whether such deductions should be made by NNPC as a first-line charge before remitting the net proceeds of domestic crude to the Federation Accounts. If these are deemed not to be valid deductions, then the amount due from NNPC would be estimated at $2.07 billion (without considering expected known remittances from NPDC) or $4.29 billion (if expected known remittances from NPDC are considered).”

The forensic audit became necessary following a letter in September 2013 by the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, to President Goodluck Jonathan stating that from January 2012 to July 2013, NNPC lifted $65 billion worth of crude on behalf of the federal government but remitted only $15.2 billion into the Federation Accounts, with $49.8 billion as outstanding to the federal government. On December 13, 2013, the NNPC responded that no money was missing.

A Reconciliation Committee comprising representatives of the CBN, NNPC, Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Office of the Accountant General (OAGF), the Budget Office of the Federation, Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources was set up On December 18, 2013, the Reconciliation Committee, in its report, estimated the unremitted funds at $10.8 billion while the CBN said it was $12 billion.

The CBN on February 4, 2014 informed the Senate Committee on Finance that the NNPC needed to account for $20 billion as the CBN could only confirm receipt of $47 billion of $67 billion revenue. On February 13, 2014, the NNPC provided explanations of the $20 billion shortfall while the finance minister and coordinating minister for the economy recommended an independent forensic audit. On June 5, 2014, PwC was appointed by the office of the Auditor General of the Federation (OAuGF) to conduct a forensic audit into the allegations

Sunday, April 26, 2015

StandbyBagaNigeria: Emergency Relief Support

Our Cause:

In January 2015, Boko-Haram performed what has been referred to as its deadliest attack till date on the town of Baga in Borno State, Nigeria.  Aerial satellite footage by Human Rights Watch confirms that the town was largely razed to the ground.  Depending on the source, the number of dead victims ranges from 200- 2000. We actually do not care what the real number is. One life brutally taken is one too many. While we may no longer save the dead, we must help the living!
As a result of Boko-Haram activities, there are presently about 1,000,000 displaced people (IDPs) living in 18 IDP camps in northeast Nigeria. This number is synonymous with the population of Swaziland and Djibouti, and over half the population of Gambia. The needs of the IDPS are immense and include, water and sanitation, beds, medical supplies (antiseptics, plasters, soaps, toiletries, drugs, analgesics--pain relievers, anti-helminthics--worm expellants, anti-malaria, humatinics--iron/folic acid, and mild antibiotics), mosquito nets, books, clothing, shoes, and food.
We are no longer comfortable merely whispering prayers or sighing in grief, and wishing that someone else does something while the victims wonder which affliction is worse- that they have been displaced by terrorists or ignored by “good people”

What We Have Decided to Do:
StandByBagaNigeria is a youth-led initiative to mobilize resources to provide humanitarian aid to the many Nigerian citizens including young children, women and the elderly who have lost family, homes and livelihoods to the Boko-Haram carnage in northeast Nigeria. We are working in conjunction with StandByBagaUK that has collected about 2,000kg (approximately 2 Tons) worth of goods for Baga victims. To learn more about the UK relief item collection drive, please visit www.standbybaga.org.uk.  We will use the funds we raise to purchase medical supplies to be administered by the Medical Women's Association of Nigeria (MWAN Borno State Chapter) as well as transport relief materials collected for dispatch to Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN Borno State Chapter) working with victims and other IDPs in refugee camps across Borno State.

The Impact:

This page is aimed at raising money to transport and deliver the goods collected to victims and support relief initiatives working with IDPs in northeast Nigeria.  Funds will also be used to purchase additional relief materials to support the scope of intervention in health, education, livelihood empowerment, and basic needs that will foster the rehabilitation and the re-integration of victims back into society.

Here’s a chance to dispel some of the common excuses for inaction such as:
· I am only one person.  When we pool our resources, we can make a big difference.  Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.
· I don’t know how I can help.  You can donate something to let Baga and other Boko Haram victims know that they are not alone.  We their Nigerian brothers and sisters stand by them.  We ask and welcome the support of those in the diaspora, well wishers, and Non-Nigerians alike.
Will you join us today and StandByBagaNigeria?

What We Need:
In total, we need $10,000 for this campaign.  A breakdown of costs and how funds will be appropriated is as follows:
·  We need $1,200 to pay for the purchase of a used Van that will carry and house the relief items.
·  We need $3,000 to pay for shipping costs from London to Lagos which takes approximately two weeks to a month
·  We need $2,500 to pay for customs and clearing at the Nigerian Port Authority when the relief items arrive at Lagos Port Complex, Apapa.
·  We need $2,000 to purchase medical drug supplies from Neimeth Pharmaceuticals Plc.
·  We need $1,500 to pay for the cost of logistics and internal transportation of the van and materials from Lagos State to Borno State a 22 hour journey that is approximately 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles).

Other Ways You Can Help:

We are always grateful for any form of support we receive.  In case you can't contribute financially, please stay in touch. Your knowledge or any other support you can render may be useful in the long run.  If you are also able to donate any of the relief items listed, that will help too.  Also, please share this campaign and get your loved ones to assist.
We thank you kindly for your support!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

US Based Doctor Calls for Mass Slaughter of Igbos in Lagos | Nearly 5,000 Have Signed Petition Against Him

Adeniran Abraham Ariyo - 3

This story culled from Bella Naija truly worries me.

A Dallas, Texas, US based cardiologist, Adeniran Abraham Ariyo, allegedly called for the slaughter of Igbo people in Lagos, akin to the xenophobic attacks currently going on in South Africa.
According to the Change.org petition filed against him, he said the following on his Facebook page.Adeniran Abraham Ariyo (3)
Adeniran Abraham Ariyo (2) 

 According to various media outlets, he has deleted all his photos and Facebook profile, and has gone into hiding.

A Change.org petition has been filed against him, asking the Texas medical board to investigate him and for his medical license to be revoked. The petition, started by Nigeria Moment, states:
This is important because the massacre or extermination of any ethnic group is against UN law and of course the laws of United States. No ethnic group should ever have to be massacred due to hate for any reason whatsoever since there are legally accepted ways of dealing and settling differences. The world can not allow this to happen.”

That a human being can be this callous truly saddens, an educated man that should know better , it reminds me of my previous article  http://dakkylove.blogspot.com/2015/04/nigeria-and-utopia-of-one-nigeria.html  its truly sad how divided we are in this country.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A POEM FOR JOE........

I stared bleakly at this dark place they called a prison, i could hear the chants from outside the small peep hole that was mistaken for a window.....they were calling for my head.

The voices seemed to rise in unison as the dawn approached , I could smell their vicious rage ,their blood running hot calling for my head , i did not even flinch when the key turned as the warder came in to usher me to my ceremonious death,i was already filled with unimaginable pain "where is joe? why wont he come.." i wondered.

This was not how i was supposed to end up, dressed in a loose fitting grey dress, the stench from sleeping in my own waste seemed unapparent to the eager onlookers that peered from the prison walls , watching the blasphemous adulterer walk to meet the hangman.

 Two weeks ago things were different i remember the exact moment i met him, i had taken my last daughter to the stream for the first time,as i approached my house and stopped when i saw a stranger sitting with my husband on our stools outside. i felt his gaze before i looked upon his face, dark eyes peering at me behind a hooded cloth, i should have run away then, the heat i felt beneath my legs had nothing to do with the scorching sun burning my back.

I could not wait to hear the introductions my husband made, i could not breathe i refused to meet his eyes darting into the security of my room as i got myself together, who was this stranger that made me feel this way without speaking a single word? i wondered aloud. In the days that followed  he became my tormentor, a serpent camouflaged with the looks of a man, he became a regular caller to our abode, bringing gifts, always looking at me intensely without saying a word, my husband was oblivious, drunk from the strangers gift of wine he welcomed this man, always with a smile , my husbands dim witted demeanor was not surprising , he cared more for his belly than he did his family , he would sell me off to the highest bidder if they asked but the stranger never asked....he never asked me my name...never asked me my thoughts...never asked for things it was unholy for a married woman to want to be asked for but i so wanted to be asked.

That fateful day my husband had dragged himself out of the house, taking the children he left me alone in the house ,by fate or by choice i know not but i stayed indoors anxiously waiting for the footsteps i knew were sure to come..and then he came , his footsteps light and sure stopped by the entrance to our hut, i should have stayed in my room, i should have pretended not to hear him but he called out to me.Gripped with fear and excitement i stepped out and i saw him fully for the first time, His skin was not as black as ours, light like chocolate and tall like the palm tree he stared at me intently not speaking for what seemed like an eternity, "I've come for you" i heard him whisper and slowly he walked into my house.

The house trembled as if in unison to my heart beat, afraid yet aroused "i don't even know your name" was what i could mutter . He stopped and i swear a shadow came over my abode , "joe" he whispered his voice like sweet honey on my skin , when he reached for me i did not resist, i stopped thinking when his lips touched mine and so it begun like a drunk obsessed with drink i sought his every touch, he would call out to me in my sleep and i would heed his call walking into the night, he made love to me on the leaves, on the bed, by the stream every day i felt my soul slipping into dark territories but i could not stop.i would not stop.

That night as he tore into me he whispered "would you die for this" and i screamed "yes" exploding into a million pieces as i climaxed underneath him. that was how they found me, half naked , exhausted with a smile on my lips and no lover in sight, the humans  came for me.

"witch" they called out, the men with their lamp stands , "you come into the forest every night to sleep with the spirits" i said nothing, i was beyond their salvation, they dragged me half naked through the village and taunted me with names i cared not about , the only thought that crossed my mind was where is joe? was he a man or was he a spirit , would he abandon me to the rope of the hang man . The crowd was unruly , for nights they had heard a maiden making ungodly noises in the forests and sought me out in fear, finding me half naked after the throes of love making with no lover in sight they had made up their mind. I was the curse that plagued them at night , i had broken tradition by coupling with the gods i was an anomaly that should be removed, i stood condemned to die in fear wondering if they were right, wondering if truly i had been bewitched by the dark eyes of a ghost as i sought him out with my eyes "where is joe"
They repeated  questions they had asked me since they found me "confess your sins and be saved " and i stood frightened, who would believe me , what would i say? that i had fallen for the charms of a light skinned stranger who had disappeared, that i would gladly die to be in his arms one last time.

So before the hangman put the cloth around my neck they asked me to say my last words and i said "you tell joe thank you for showing me how to love before i meet my maker" and then i saw him, towering over the crowd he came for me, still hooded, still mysterious and no one could dare to lift a finger, he took me into his arms and whispered in my ears "I've come for you, the pain you knew you would know no more."

And so she died the quiet maiden with a smile on her lips before her strength had left, Human or Witch we knew not what she was but her last words were JOE.